Why this Site

We are Flora and Robin, living in Shanghai, parents of a 4-year-old kid (XiaoYu). We wanted the kid to learn English as a second language.

One day we had a conversation like such:

Flora: hey I just went to a kid English Learning Institution,
   they offer [blabla] and charge for [blabla]... 
   And most importantly, parents need to be involved to help the kid
   review all the stuff learnt.

Robin: What the heck? So we pay for them but still we'll spend a great
   amount of time in it? Something isn't right here. We shall take the 
   lead in kid language learning instead!

Flora: I ain't really sure if that could work... But everyone goes there
   for kid English learning.

Robin: Scr.. everyone! Let's try picking some Youtube videos for XiaoYu.

Well, now you see this site.

For whom this site is built

This site is of course built with LOVE for our kid XiaoYu. We spend quite a lot of time choosing Youtube videos, building quizzes, developing features etc, we hope it will be benefit to other parents/kids.

An English Site for non-English speakers, Huh?

Well, We firstly thought to build a site like such in Chinese, but just cannot figure out a Youtube alternative solution.